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Why Scan Tools

Computer On Wheels

With most modern vehicles when there is a issue it is not like working on your 1978 Ford Escort where it was a simple engine with replace and see attitude. Morden vehicle’s can have up to 80 ECU’s and that is a whole lot of computers on wheels. 

Must Have Tools

Designed To Help You

So to diagnose an issue on your vehicle you will need a scan tool! Then once this has been fixed your will need to clear the issue or maybe run a adaption. If you are servicing a modern vehicle you will need a scan tool to help you complete a number of tasks. 

Help & Support

We’re just getting started

Always here to help point you in the right direction and ensure you get the tool you need. We are always searching for and developing new and improve tools and other items. So keep you eyes out for the next handy device. 

I’m so happy with the service from OBD2Scanz – my order was delivered within 48 hours and the knowledge that their support team showed was awesome.
Sean W
Epic! Thanks guys had know idea what I was looking for my LR but you pointed me in the right direction and I have no sorted out a transmission issue.
Astrid S
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